Working with Manufacturing, Engineering, and Electronics Companies

Manufacturing, Engineering, and Electronics companies have expansive requirements when it comes to graphic design and printing work. Large Format items, such as wall graphics in reception areas, signage in development facilities, and safety notices in production factories, are often the starting points. Alongside those are Small Format printed items, which may include various manuals and guides, product brochures, and other marketing collateral.

We work with several companies involved in the manufacturing, engineering, and electronics industry, including businesses involved in aviation, software production, public transport vehicle production, motor racing, food and beverage equipment, and medical equipment.

What We Produce for Companies in These Sectors

We have become a specialist print provider for companies in these sectors, mainly through the production of Training Manuals, Instruction Manuals, User Guides, Product Brochures, Service Logbooks, Parts Manuals, Handbooks, and Operator Guides.

While most of these are printed on normal paper stock, some require specialist finishes, such as lamination, encapsulation, or being printed onto synthetic materials so they can be used in environments where water, oil, or other solvents might otherwise cause smudge marks or damage the pages (making them unusable).

Many manuals and guides require specific spines or finishing to make them easier to use too. This typically includes the use of wire binding, perfect binding (glued spine), or booklet format, to produce the finished product so they are ready to use.

Examples of completed User Guides and Training Course collateral

How We Help

A high percentage of our printing work is undertaken for graphic designers from all sorts of companies and organisations; working with them to produce a wide range of printed collateral. Much of this is consultative, for instance helping with advice on paper types, appropriate materials, and whatever else is required before we print the artwork they have produced – this can vary from business cards or product brochures, through to large format signs, promotional merchandise, packaging, or even exhibition stands.

An important element of our consultancy service is helping customers to fulfil their Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) policies by utilising greener materials for the printing process (which we can use to offset the carbon emissions). We can provide a logo to be used on the printed items and a certificate for customers to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

We also recognise the importance of secrecy for companies involved in these sectors, and several of our clients have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place with us.

Our secondary role involves offering ancillary graphic design support that customers can utilise if their graphic design team are occupied on other projects. Our in-house graphic design team often handle less important work, such as amending existing artwork, but they can also be relied on to produce artwork from scratch (adhering to a supplied brief and Brand Guidelines as part of the process).

Print Storage and Distribution Service

Our Aldershot base has 200 m2 of space available to store printed collateral, promotional merchandise and exhibition stands. A stock control option enables clients to access our online management system to check stock levels 365 days a year (which issues an alert warning, if minimum stock quantities are approaching).

Customers can then contact us (or any other print provider they use) to order a restocking run to be stored at our facility. A “Pick & Pack Service” ensures orders are retrieved from storage and securely dispatched utilising a variety of vehicles.

Over 200 m2 of storage space is available at our Aldershot base

Lisa Mortimore, Commercial Director at IQ Digital House comments: Manufacturing, Engineering, and Electronic companies are some of the most interesting customers we work with because of the range of printed collateral they need. Some of the businesses are small to medium sized companies based in the U.K. while others have a global presence. For many, we have become a central hub, combining graphic design and digital printing alongside stock control, distribution, and fulfilment services.”

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We are far more than a graphic design and printing provider. Our team really enjoy working in a consultative way, discussing options and offering advice to ensure customers get the most appropriate product and value for money we can provide.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for being responsive, flexible, understanding, and competitively priced. If you think our services can help your company or organisation, please contact our Commercial Director, Lisa Mortimore on 01252 796 903 or email [email protected].

Published March 2023

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