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Small Format Digital Print

This covers an extensive base of printing requirements from small items, such as business cards, to more complex documents, such as Training Manuals or User Guides. Some projects require quick set-up, print, and collation to meet tight deadlines, while others have longer lead-in times – so we have developed our processes and pricing structure to cater for both.

We have a broad view that “No job is too big, or too small for us” and combine that with a practical approach to helping customers.


Our inhouse design team offer graphic design services. We also work with external graphic designers. You can find out more about our Graphic Design services here.

This covers larger items, such as posters, roller banners, signage, and Exhibition Stands. You can find out more about our Large Format Printing services here.

For customers who need printed collateral stored offsite. Online stock checking, ordering, and distribution also available. You can find out more about our Print Storage & Distribution services here.

For instance, the organiser of a training course or conference who needs material produced for last minute delegate sign-up situations would benefit from our quick set-up, print, and collation process (using our “no minimum order quantity” policy, as the quantities required are low).

While an engineering company that needs thousands of User Guides produced for a new product would normally have a longer lead-in time available, so we can manage that process with them on a more cost-effective basis (because time is not of the essence).

This flexible approach is especially useful for businesses and organisations where both situations may be encountered by them, such as those involved in the Education, Learning & Development and Training sectors. It’s no coincidence that over 30% of our annual print output supports the printing requirements for universities, colleges, schools, and training companies. Key items for them include Prospectuses, Workbooks, Notebooks, Training Manuals, and Instruction Guides.

Small, Medium and Large Businesses

At the core of our business is a strong customer support ethos, underpinned by the efficient design, print, and delivery services we instilled from Day 1. This enables us to work with large corporations, expanding companies, and start-up businesses. In that respect, little has changed since we started IQ Digital House and many of our long-standing customers have used our services for over 15 years.

In other respects, working so closely with customers has proved to be mutually beneficial. As their requirements have changed, we have expanded our services by embracing and utilising new technologies. This has enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of print, finishing, collation, storage, and distribution services, so everything is available under one roof.

An additional element of this has been helping customers to embrace sustainable forms of printing by introducing greener materials for the printing process (which we can use to offset the carbon emissions). We can even provide a logo to be used on the printed items and a certificate for customers to show off their commitment to the environment. Please contact us to discuss how this can benefit your business or organisation. 

These are the most popular items printed by us on a regular basis:

  • Training Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Workbooks
  • Prospectuses
  • Booklets
  • Instruction Guides
  • Handouts
  • Paperback Books
  • Direct Mail
  • Leaflets/Flyers

Manufacturing, Engineering, and Electronics Companies

During the 18 years we have been in business, we have become a specialist digital print provider for companies in these three sectors, mainly through the production of Training Manuals, Instruction Manuals, User Guides, Product Brochures, Service Logbooks, Parts Manuals, Handbooks, and Operator Guides.

While most of these are printed on normal paper stock some require specialist finishes, such as lamination, encapsulation, or being printed onto synthetic materials, so they can be used in environments where water, oil, or other solvents might otherwise cause smudge marks or damage the pages (making them unusable).

Many manuals and guides require specific spines or finishing to make them easier to use too. This typically includes the use of wire binding, perfect binding (glued spine), or booklet format, to produce the finished product so they are ready to use.

Digital Print

Universities, Colleges, Academies and Schools

We look after the print requirements for multiple education centres, some of which have campuses across Europe. Most of our small format printing work for them covers prospectuses, programmes, flyers, leaflets, invitations, postcards, lanyards, ID cards, workbooks, notebooks, brochures, and flashcards.

Not surprisingly, a significant amount of our printing work for universities, colleges, academies, and schools is geared towards their “Open Days”, to encourage students (and parents) to visit them.

We also produce helpful information for new students, including Campus Guides and City/Town Guides, so they can settle into their university or college environment more easily. Student Unions and their supporting bodies also work with us to help them with specific projects (e.g. Freshers Week banners and posters, programmes and tickets for student concerts, leaflets and flyers for fund/charity-raising events).

Other items such as signage and banners fall under our Large Format Printing services.

Festivals and Events

This has become an increasingly busy area of business for us. As the number of festivals and events has grown around the U.K., we have developed our services to help organisers increase footfall and make the event venue easier to navigate for festival goers.

Small format digital print items such as leaflets, flyers, event/venue guides, tickets, and wristbands are much in demand; alongside large format print items, typically: posters, signage, banners, and onsite directional boards.

Print Storage and Distribution

Some customers also use our Print Storage and Distribution Service, making use of the 200 m2 of storage space available at our base to store brochures, leaflets, lanyards, folders, exhibition stands, and any other printed collateral they need stored offsite.

"I can highly recommend iQ Digital House for all your printing needs. They produced high quality flyers for an exhibition I was attending. Quality, customer service and turn around time were excellent. Looking forward to working with them again in the future."
Lisa Macdonald
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