It’s a Team Thing
It’s a Helping Customers Thing

Let’s give you some background

IQ Digital House began trading in 2005 at our first premises in Farnham. As the business grew, we had to move to larger premises to accommodate the expanding range of printing equipment we needed for customers; first to Guildford, and then to our current base in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Across the years we have built a brilliant team who have made our business what it is today. We have talented graphic designers, specialists in small digital printing, experts in large digital format printing (and installation), and amazingly creative marvels who work with customers to help them find the best solutions for all sorts of printing and exhibition challenges.

Our customers are from very diverse sectors, ranging from small, medium, and large businesses to international companies and corporations. Over 30% of our business is conducted with universities, colleges, schools, and Learning & Development/Training organisations. We also help self-employed individuals to find their voice and market their services through our design and printing services.

Technology and Innovation

Our company has evolved over the years. An important element of this has been embracing and introducing new technologies and innovation to elevate the level of service we offer customers. For many, we have become a central hub to provide all their digital printing needs, alongside stock control, distribution, and fulfilment services.

By doing so, we have established a reputation for being responsive, flexible, understanding, supportive, and competitively priced.

For us, it’s a team thing that brings all our talented people together to make it a helping customers thing, no matter how small or large their business or organisation may be.

Our Schools Christmas Project Work

One of the elements we are most proud of is our Christmas Project work, which was started as a creative and easy fundraising project for schools. It is centred around Christmas Cards, but there are also tips on other ways for schools to generate fundraising too.

You can read more about this here >>


Sustainability is very important to us. We want your printed collateral to look amazing, but we also want it to be as sustainable as possible. That’s why we continually research and implement recycling options, such as the active reduction of plastic in our packaging; improving our processes to minimise environmental impact.  

We ensure our printing paper comes from responsibly managed forests, and that any paper and cardboard waste from our production runs is recycled as part of our everyday management of waste material.

Websites like do a great job in busting many of the myths surrounding the print and paper industries. You can read more at:

Offsetting Carbon

We also invest time and resources to reduce our carbon emissions. One example has been the installation of energy-reducing equipment at our premises (such as LED lighting). We are currently considering how best to reduce our energy consumption through renewable electricity generation options, such as solar energy.

An important element of carbon offsetting is through our paper supplies. The carbon from our paper supplies is offset using schemes such as Carbon Balanced Paper (in partnership with the World Land Trust).

We also embrace DHL’s GoGreen initiative to ensure we offset emissions on deliveries too.

So, if you want to show your commitment to reducing carbon emissions through printing, please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to achieve this.

Our days...

Our days are always busy here at iQ, we tend to take it for granted,
so we thought we would share some interesting stats with you.

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