Working with Graphic Designers, Marketing and PR companies

We have worked with self-employed graphic designers and graphic design teams at marketing businesses and PR companies for over 18 years, bringing their creative work to life and providing advice on the best materials to use for small and large format digital print work. Often this is as a third-party provider, with Non-Disclosure Agreements in place (where requested).  

Graphic design drives everything we print, with a significant percentage of our annual print work undertaken for self-employed graphic designers, graphic design agencies, print management consultants and providers, marketing businesses, and PR companies (working in conjunction with their graphic design teams).

Much of this is consultative, offering advice on the best paper type, best materials, and whatever else is required to print the artwork produced for their clients. We offer Small Format Digital Printing and Large Format Digital Printing services, covering everything from simple business cards or leaflets, through to large format signs, promotional merchandise, packaging, or even exhibition stands. But as you’ll see below, our services extend to far more than just printing.

We have also become increasingly involved in helping graphic designers, marketing businesses, and PR companies to advise their clients on the options available to fulfil Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) policies, by using greener materials for the printing process (which we can use to offset the carbon emissions). We can provide a logo to be used on the printed items and a certificate for customers to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Our Print Capabilities & Related Services

The range of the work we can complete for small and large format printing is extensive and very comprehensive, which is why many contacts use us as their central hub for all types of printing (and finishing).

Examples of printed material and a bespoke exhibition stand

Print Personalisation and incorporating QR Codes are just two of the additional services we offer, both of which are typically applied for direct mail projects.

Our Direct Mail services can be used to provide personalised postcards and letters for use in direct marketing projects, distribution of important information to customers, and any other projects where small, medium, or large-scale mailing is a key requirement. We regularly handle data merging as part of this service, using secure processing to ensure clients’ have peace of mind regarding GDPR data safeguarding requirements.

Graphic design, marketing, and PR company clients can access this service for their clients, combining this with our internal fulfilment and distribution service if they want the entire operation handled by us. Alternatively, we can provide the merged printed material to them for distribution (or send it to their preferred external fulfilment/mailing house).

One of our most innovative print and fulfilment options uses software that can create bespoke designs for every individual in a dataset. For example, universities, colleges, and training companies use this service to produce prospectuses or training workbooks which are designed and printed to contain completely different content, text, and images inside; effectively creating a unique item for each recipient.

We then add further value via the print process, using a single print run to cover all the named individuals, creating a highly cost-effective way to produce personalised printed material.

Small and Large Format printing is available

Storage, Distribution, and Confidentiality

Some clients also use our Print Storage and Distribution Service for their customers, making use of the 200 m2 of storage space available at our base to store brochures, leaflets, lanyards, folders, exhibition stands, and any other printed collateral they need stored offsite.

There are stock control and distribution/collection services available as options for this service.

In some cases, we are asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, which we are happy to do, and we can distribute printed items under plain packaging (if required).

Our Production Team and part of our Storage Area

Lisa Mortimore, Commercial Director at IQ Digital House comments: “Graphic designers are facing challenging times when it comes to print suppliers. Some printing companies have struggled since the Covid pandemic and have been hit hard again by the recession and running costs. IQ Digital House have not only weathered those storms but have emerged stronger and with an expanded customer base. Part of that success has been because of the strong bonds we have with external graphic designers, and we’re delighted these continue to form such an important element of our commercial client base.”

Find out more about our services
If you are looking for a printing company to bring your creative work to life, or would just like to find out more about IQ Digital House and our range of services, please contact our Commercial Director, Lisa Mortimore on 01252 796 903 or email [email protected].

You are also very welcome to visit our base in Aldershot, Hampshire for a tour of our facility, and to meet some of the twenty-three skilled team members who have helped us create a reputation for being responsive, flexible, understanding, and supportive.

Published May 2023

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