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If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen how much we try to embrace sustainability practices as part of our commitment to improving the environment and being greener. As part of that commitment, iQ Digital House has replaced our diesel delivery van with an all-electric alternative.

As you’d expect from a company that has more than a passing interest in new technology (usually for print), we researched pretty much everything that is available in the electric vehicle market before we settled on Vauxhall’s e-Vivaro. Their Panel L1H1 specification vehicle ticked all the boxes for us:

  • Zero emissions from a 75kWh battery
  • A range of up to 205 miles
  • Rechargeable to 80% in just 45 mins from a 100kW public charger
  • 30% less maintenance costs (as it has fewer moving parts and less wear on brakes)
  • £0 Road Tax and £0 Congestion Charge

We estimate that we will reduce our carbon emissions by 5,255 kg*CO2 per year by making the switch to an electric van. It’s also much quieter, providing a noise pollution benefit too.

iQ Digital House’s new all-electric delivery van

Although there is still controversy about Low and Ultra-Low Emission Zones being introduced to many of the U.K.’s cities, the programme for their introduction looks set to continue. It is something we cannot ignore as a business, both for ethical and service level continuity reasons. We have a long-held commitment to sustainability and doing our bit to help the environment, but we also need to get printed collateral delivered to clients’ premises (or any other locations they ask us to deliver to).

Changing our old diesel van to an all-electric vehicle allows us to incorporate a greener option without compromising on our delivery service to clients and customers. It will also enable iQ Digital House to save money that we can reinvest in other green initiatives.

Find out more about our green credentials

To discover more about iQ Digital House’s commitment to sustainability and green issues visit the About Us page on our website: https://www.iqdigitalhouse.com/about/.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business with advice about Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) policies and how to use greener materials for printed collateral, contact our Commercial Director, Lisa Mortimore, on 01252 796903 (or email [email protected]).

*Calculated using Drive Smart’s Van Carbon Footprint Calculator (https://www.drivesmart.co.uk/van-carbon-footprint-calculator.aspx)

Published October 2023

Credit: Main photo and statistical information from Vauxhall’s website: https://www.vauxhall.co.uk/vans/vivaro/electric.html

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