Carbon Offsetting through our Planting Trees Initiative

Our company ethos is strongly focused on helping customers to fulfil their Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) policies by utilising greener materials for the printing process (which we then use to offset carbon emissions). We’ve now taken this to an exciting new level by partnering with Switch2Zero to plant trees, as part of an environmentally supportive initiative.

Why should this matter to businesses?

There are compelling reasons for businesses and organisations of all sizes to participate in schemes that contribute to environmentally friendly projects:  

  • 71% of global consumers are making changes to the way they live and the products they buy in an effort to live more sustainably. [Source: Simon Kulcher – Global sustainability study] 
  • 68% of employees revealed in a survey that they are more willing to accept jobs from organisations they consider to be environmentally sustainable. [Source: IBM Institute for Business Value]
  • 93% of global institutional investors actively consider ESG and sustainability in their real assets investment decisions. [Source: Aviva Investors Real Assets Study]

In short…it matters. So, in October we started trialling a new initiative with two of our clients to help them offset their carbon footprint. The trial involved linking to projects implemented by a new global organisation: Switch2Zero.

How Switch2Zero helps companies to offset their carbon footprint

Switch2Zero is dedicated to helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Their mission is to accelerate the global transition to net-zero carbon emissions and, in doing so, to improve communities and sequester CO2 in the long term.

Their innovative Planting Trees Initiative enables people and businesses to do their part by “paying it forward” to protect the environment for the generations to come.

Nurturing saplings in Madagascar [Source: Switch2Zero website]

A significant part of their activities involves working with Eden Reforestation Projects to undertake extensive reforestation and mangrove swamp regeneration across Africa, Asia, and South America.

These already include active projects in the Philippines, Nepal, Mozambique, Kenya, Indonesia, Madagascar (on 93 sites, creating over 11,700 jobs), and Honduras (one of their earliest projects that started in 2020 with the aim to reforest 50,000 Hectares by 2025, and which has already seen over 4 million trees planted). Every tree planted has an average lifetime carbon capture of 0.2 tonnes of CO2.

Polytunnels in The Philippines [Source: Switch2Zero website]

Why is planting trees so important?

Planting trees creates a wonderful range of benefits for the environment, for communities, and for (often overlooked) health benefits too:

  • Trees provided habitat and shade for local wildlife, helping to prevent species loss.
  • Trees provide products that local community members can sell, like fruits and nuts, without harming the trees themselves.
  • Roots of trees help to stabilise the soil and reduces the risk of natural hazards like landslides, which is to the benefit of local communities.
  • Trees help to purify the air and water sources, providing better health outcomes for local communities.
  • Coastal tree species, like mangroves, provide excellent natural barriers which protect the shoreline from storms.
  • Trees make us feel better: research suggests they have a positive impact on our mental health. 

Reforestation project in Nepal [Source: Switch2Zero website]

Has the Switch2Zero trail worked?

Very much so. Even though the trial only started in October 2023, the two clients concerned have ensured that 101 trees have been planted in just a month of activity (sequestering 20.2 tonnes in estimated lifetime CO2 emissions).

Just think what can be achieved if all our clients and customers decide to participate in this marvellous (and free to use) project. 

How can my company participate in the Planting Trees Initiative?

The initiative is available for clients who are placing regular print orders with us where it will make a material difference for carbon offsetting using this scheme. There are no complicated signing up procedures to go through and our partnership arrangement with Switch2Zero means you will be able to receive useful updates on the difference your company is making to the environment.

So, how does it work?

  1. Contact us to register your interest in participating in the scheme.
  2. Once we have registered this on our system, we’ll send you a 2 page document to confirm your participation. This outlines the benefits of participating in the scheme and can be used for your own Public Relation purposes. It is also useful for employees to see so they’re aware their employer is involved in an environmentally friendly scheme.
  3. From that point on, every time you place a print order with us we will collaborate with Switch2Zero to plant a tree.
  4. As part of the process we will provide you with regular updates on the trees we have helped to plant so you can see the positive impact your company is having on the environment.

Find out more about Switch2Zero via their website:

Other ways to work with iQ Digital House on green initiatives

Our new partnership with Switch2Zero is just one of many initiatives we use to reduce the carbon footprint for clients and customers. We also provide advice and support on using options to fulfil Sustainability and Climate Risk policies.

Some of these include using greener materials for the printing and packaging process. Others include providing a logo that can be used on the printed items, with certification provided for customers to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

On a wider basis, we apply similar methods for our annual Christmas Card project for schools across the U.K. through our linked business: iQ Cards ( For example, the paper we use for Christmas cards is purchased through a paper merchant who utilises the Carbon Balanced Paper Scheme with the World Land Trust, the bags we pack cards and Christmas-themed products in to send to the schools are made from recycled content, and the tape used to package these is made from environmentally friendly paper rather than plastic.

Our World Land Trust certificate for 2023’s Xmas Card project

Across 2023 IQ Cards managed to offset 15,924 kilograms of CO2 to help the environment and protect 3,041 square metres of critically threatened Tropical Forest. We’re immensely proud to have achieved this alongside the £1.3 million raised for the schools that have participated in our Christmas project since 2009. 

Find out more about our green credentials

To discover more about iQ Digital House’s commitment to sustainability and green issues visit the About Us page on our website:

If you would like advice about Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) policies, how to use greener materials for printed collateral, or to participate in the Planting Trees initiative, please contact our Commercial Director, Lisa Mortimore on 01252 796 903 or email [email protected].

Published November 2023 

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