Personalisation in the Print Trade

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Look who’s featured in Print Monthly’s July issue 👀 Our very own Ian Savage & Dean Larkham.

Ian talks about using personalisation software, XMPie, for engaging visual content as personalised print or digital content. Our fundraising project for schools IQ Cards uses this system for producing our artwork. Grab a cuppa and read the full article ☕

About Personalised Print

You can supercharge your documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your audience’s attention using your data. The iQ Digital House use the latest automated production of personalised print campaigns that will motivate recipients to respond to your personalised mailers.

Personalisation is a way to use your customer data (such as profiling or purchase history data) to customise the content of the print you produce. Personalised printing enables you to tailor each printed item to match the likes and tastes of each customer. This can be achieved by swapping out images or loading templates specific for different demographics of customer.

For example, you might have information telling you what age group your customers are in, so you might want to display offers specific to 20-30 year olds or 40-50 year olds in the next brochure or mailing piece you send them. Or if you have a customer’s address, you might give them details of their local store and highlight specific promotions linked to previous purchases.