New Corporate Advent Calendars and Gifts

Corporate Advent Calendars
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Branded Gifts

Our branded corporate Advent or countdown calendars are a unique way to engage with your customers or employees. Why not count down to a specific date other than Christmas? They don’t have to contain chocolate either!

Traditional Advent Calendars?

The iQ Corporate Advent calendars are designed to used for corporate engagement such as preparation for a training day or large corporate event – such as when you may return to the offices. Each door can contain a specific message or unique QR code for the trainee or employee to engage with prior to the big day. They can even be used as a corporate gift to your customers to update them on a product launch.

Corporate Advent Calendar Treats

The treat behind the door on your corporate advent calendars can simply be a piece of our quality chocolate, which is manufactured in the UK specifically for these calendars. Alternatively we can make room for a selection of small coffee pods or other small items.

Corporate Branding Ideas

The outer can utilise digital print using your unique corporate brand or style and as you can see it doesn’t have to be the traditional format either.

Don’t just think of Advents for Christmas, think outside the box!

A History Lesson

The first Advent Calendar in history is a little debated. At iQ, we would focus on the first bespoke Advent Calendar which according to The Oxford Open Learning ‘The History of the Advent Calendar‘ is believed to be made in the early nineteenth century by a German Child named Gerhard Lang.

Printed Advent Calendars

Lang’s mother stuck 24 tiny sweets to a square of cardboard, for her son to eat over the Advent period. This simple idea stayed with Lang and when, as an adult, he went into partnership with his friend Reichhold, they opened a printing office. In 1908 they produced what is thought to be the first-ever printed Advent Calendars, not quite a set of Corporate Advent Calendars, but that is where The iQ Digital House pick up the story and take it to the next level!

Find out more about or small format digital print.