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iQ Digital House has helped U.K. schools raise a whopping £1.5 million towards their school projects across the last 14 years. It’s been an incredible achievement on the part of the schools, their PTA teams, and our team at iQ Cards (which looks after the amazingly successful fundraising side of our business). We’re delighted to reach this fantastic milestone and have now set ourselves the target of passing the £2 million mark by the end of 2025. It’ll be our 21st business birthday year and we’d love to round off the celebrations by reaching this target. We’ve got two years to get there. Here’s some information about the scheme and how you can help…

How it all started

In 2009, we launched iQ Cards as a community-focused project to provide a simple, easy fundraising option for schools, which enabled children to design their own Christmas cards (that are then sold to generate funds for their school).

Since then, the project has grown considerably – children’s designs can now also be printed onto a range of Christmas gift products, including labels, wrapping paper, postcards, notebooks, fridge magnets, keyrings, and bars of chocolate.

All sorts of products are available

The amount of money we’ve helped schools raise has increased year-on-year too. The 2023 Christmas card and gift project raised £186,500 for participating schools. Overall, we printed a mind-blowing total of 1.2 million cards, and 369,000 gift products across October to December 2023 – no wonder we all needed a rest by Christmas!

Teachers love helping pupils to focus on their designs

The scheme is free and simple to run. Design packs are sent to participating schools so pupils can create their personal artwork (which doesn’t need to be Christmas-themed to encourage inclusivity for all pupils). Once the designs are returned to us, we scan the artwork, print the products, and return them to the schools for pupils and parents to distribute to family members and friends.

The ordering and payment process differs slightly, depending on whether the school chooses to use the Online or Traditional option for their project. Full details for both are covered on the IQ Cards website.

950 schools took part in 2023 and across 2024 and 2025 we’re aiming to help even more schools with their fundraising. We would love to see your child’s school involved, so please get in touch.

Where we are now, with a range of things to buy across the year

Our project has grown and grown, with extra gifts for other special occasions added to the range of products available to make it even easier to raise funds for schools:

Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts: We produce a range of pre-designed cards, ‘colour your own’ cards, chocolate bars, keyrings, notepads, sticky gift labels, and gift-wrapping options for children to buy.

Easter Cards & Gifts: We provide the same ‘design your own’ option used for Christmas for our range of Easter cards and gifts, which includes cards, notebooks, postcards, chocolate bars, keyrings, fridge magnets, and sticky gift labels. We also offer ‘value packs’ that include cards, postcards, gift wrap, and gift labels.

Father’s Day Cards & Gifts: This offers pre-designed options for cards, ‘colour your own’ cards, coasters, keyrings, mouse mats, and fridge magnets.

School Leaver Gifts: This popular range includes autograph books, Teddy Bears, bookmarks, power banks, keyrings, and pens.


Just two of the testimonials we received after 2023’s project

Charlotte Baldwin, Operations Manager at IQ Digital House comments: “Our team really enjoy working with PTAs and schools to help them with their fundraising. The children produce all sorts of wonderful designs and have a lot of fun too. We’re incredibly proud of how the project has grown during the last 14 years and are looking forward to the challenge of reaching the £2 million target.”

If you would like your child’s school or nursery to benefit from using our fundraising projects across the year, please speak with the nursery/school/PTA team and ask them to visit our website at  www.iqcards.co.uk. They can also contact the iQ Cards team at [email protected] or by telephoning 01252 796 914.

Published June 2024

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